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Fragmentation is how a physical human copes with trauma. Shadow work, The Completion Process, Parts Work and Other Intuitive Processes are designed to help retrieve these fragments and put the pieces back together again. This fragmentation is the cause of internal and external disharmony within yourself and the collective. Through this work you will become aware of things you didn’t know you didn’t know, re-experience things you once knew and forgot or stuffed away and transform things you once knew through care-taking and integration. Reveal blindspots to your healing and transformation.

Complete Trauma Responses

With Somatic Experiencing, Parts Work and Completion Process, move through trauma that is frozen and fractured in the body. Complete cycles of trauma that remain stuck on a loop, playing out in your life and relationships. Integrate your trauma experiences, for more access to free will and conscious choice.

Unconditional Presence

Cultivate the skill of unconditional presence with yourself and your emotions; Be supported and guided in healing and building a trusting relationship with your inner children, fragmented selves, body, emotions, spirit, and others. This unconditional presence will allow you to uncover the deepest truths contained within all of your emotions, sensations and perceptive capacities. Expand your level of perception and thus creative capacities as an infinite being. Unconditional Presence is a practice and leads to self-awareness and conscious creation. Have the experience of someone truly seeing, hearing and feeling into your reality

Individualized Healing

Through identifying and diving deep into core developmental wounding we can uniquely meet the needs of you. It might not look like what you are used to “healing” looking like. That is because in all of these processes we move towards the discomfort, pain and “negative” emotions, not away from them. We will address all aspects of you as a person; understanding you, your experiences, desires and pain deeply with a holistic lens. We will set goals and look at core triggers and patterns you would like to resolve.


Change Core Patterns/ Cycles

Access higher degrees of free will for deliberate creation of your life. Heal personal and ancestral patterns of addiction, abuse, dysfunctional family systems, and negative thought and belief cycles. Actual lasting change that cuts to the roots of your behavioral and emotional patterning adapted out of trauma. We see you through the lens of “what happened to you? and “how does this make sense?” instead of “what is wrong with you?”

Improve Your Relationships

Improve your relationship with yourself, as well as your relationship with others. Learn how to have conscious relationships where you can have yourself and others. Develop awareness around insecure attachment styles and, how to have healthy secure relationships. Deepen your relationship with your needs, wants, preferences and desires.

Unexpected Magic

There are many unexpected gifts that are the result of increased consciousness and perception. These gems are part of the magic inside of each journey to the center of your pain, suffering, desires and pleasure.

Conscious Creations / Manifestation

Through uncovering unconscious beliefs, emotions and thoughts, and building an aware ego, begin to consciously create your life. Increase your capacity for free will and exit deterministic subsconsious patterns.


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My Services

What I Provide

Private Zoom Video Sessions

With years of experience, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies into my practice as a professional Mental Health Coach. During our sessions, we’ll map your needs to come up with a program that works for you.

Monthly Online Workshops

The last day of each month Rowan Garlow hosts a themed workshop for a small group. She offers teachings, opportunities to process, demos, and Q & A's. Each workshop is centered around teaching and demonstrating tools for healing trauma, changing beliefs and core patterns or imprints, deepening awareness, exploring inner landscapes, and expanding your capacity to heal and thrive. All participants have the option to receive the recording.

Monthly Online Workshop Recordings

If you are curious about previous workshops, or missed one that you wanted to attend, check out the workshop archives. Here you can find variety of themed topics, teachings and demos, with a new workshop adding each month. You will receive the full Zoom video and audio recording.


Tommy Weiss

"I’ve had an absolutely great session with you. You’ve helped me go through my emotions and were able to be open hearted and hold space for them, too. If someone wants to work with her, one can totally be vulnerable in her presence. You took everything very serious and had a professional attitude. This is why I think that you’re absolutely trustworthy and also the right Completion Process Practitioner to work with. I definitely recommend working with Rowan Garlow!"


Rosellen Earl

"I have had four sessions with Rowan and she has impacted my life in the utmost positive way. She is empathetic, attentive and has gone over time just talking to me. She has helped me so much with feeling more embodied."

Amber Ellis

“Rowan is an amazing practitioner. She is smart, compassionate and professional. We have made so much progress in such a short time, I’m so grateful to work with her.”

Cynthia Betubiza

“We went deep into multiple layers of complex, difficult emotions from very, very early childhood experiences. I felt completely safe, seen, and guided by her. She explained what we were doing and why in a way that made me feel completely at ease and helped me thoroughly trust the process. At the same time, she allowed me to fully immerse myself and be with my emotions and validate them. Afterwards, she helped me connect the dots on how these experiences we dove into affected my current adult life in a way that made total sense and was thus, extremely empowering. It’s not an exaggeration to say that working with her has already changed my life in tangible and expansive ways, and I am thrilled to also have a new friend in her. Can’t recommend her enough, to be frank.”

Minhaz Ahmed

"Feeling grateful for Rowan Garlow holding space for me, she created a safe space for me to open up and speak about some of the wounds I have around being vulnerable with others! Definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to understand themselves to a whole new level! Appreciate you!"

Kaladin McKenna

“As a facilitator, Rowan is the embodiment of unconditional presence. She has a clear and deep understanding of the material, and it shows in the passion and dedication to her work. During our session, Rowan maintained a comfortable, relaxed, but professional manner, and was able to stay flexible with regards to the direction of the session and where it needed to go. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to dive deep into their inner world, or is simply seeking a better awareness of themselves, their emotions, and their patterns. Do it!”

Maddy-Mark Seymour

“I am so grateful for my time with Rowan. She holds a space of safety, trust and compassion in which I felt comfortable to show up with authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. She patiently met me and gave the gift of much needed acceptance and validation for exactly where I am at. In no way did I feel like it was her intention to heal or fix me, instead she provided presence, support, guidance, asked intuitive and relevant questions that led me to my own experiential understanding for myself.”


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