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All existing clients on outdated subscription models must roll over to the current pricing structure in April of 2024. This does not apply to existing subscriptions contracted to go beyond April.

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Trauma Recovery + Alchemical Mastery

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Experience Freedom from...

Symptoms of biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual

disharmony caused by trauma and PTSD/CPTSD

Core Imprints of Separation: Entrapment, Abandonment & Betrayal, Shock, Lack of Trust in Yourself and Others, Fear, Shame & Guilt, Rage and other symptoms such as Anxiety, Depression, Self-hate, Confusion and Powerlessness

Everything listed above are symptoms of emotional, physical, physiological, psychological, energetic and spiritual trauma and fragmentation. Together we work to restore stability, balanced harmonics (polarity integration), nervous system resiliency and emotional, physical and energetic safety.


Rowan Garlow utilizes Voice Dialogue (Parts Work), Somatic Experiencing, Inner Child and Soul Retrieval for healing and integrating unresolved trauma and assisting others back into divine union and sovereignty within themselves. All of these tools are utilized in any 1:1 or group session as needed for each person.

Clients often experience greater resiliency, nervous system regulation, stability, integration, feelings of safety, presence, creativity and clarity of body mind and spirit. As well as noting healthier boundaries, a deeper connection to themselves and others, improved energy and confidence and feeling grounded with a capacity to access and radiate more of the whole of themselves.

Areas of Focus

  •  Restore Nervous System Resiliency​ through Somatic Experiencing

  • Resolving PTSD/CPTSD

  • Repair Fragmentation & Restoration of Conscious Expression of Multi-dimensionality

  • Inner Alchemy/Polarity Integration

  • Parts Work - Voice Dialogue​​

  • Heal Relational Trauma/Core Wounds/Trigger

  • Soul Retrieval - The Completion Process

  • Re-parenting/Inner Child/Timeline Work

  • Shifting out of Unconscious Automatic Conditioning and Patterns 

  • Shift Major Negative Beliefs and Patterns of Behavior 

  • Grounded and Practical Approach to Dealing with Internal Resistance

  • Confidence in Self Expression, Self Esteem & Boundaries

  • Mastering Relationships & Healthy Attachment