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Voice Dialogue & Parts Work

Founded by Hal and Sidra Stone


It is a powerful consciousness expanding tool designed to help us notice, name, give voice to, and understand the many parts operating within ourselves. Foundational to the work is the understanding that the human psyche is fragmented into parts and selves, mostly operating beneath our conscious awareness. Voice Dialogue is the process of making the selves conscious. Through the development of an aware ego, we are able to shift limiting internal and external dynamics and patterns.

What is Voice Dialogue?

An introductory explanation of Voice Dialogue by Rowan Garlow

Hal Stone Explains Voice Dialogue

Dr. Hal & Sidra Stone are the founders of Voice Dialogue. I am currently training with the Voice Dialogue Institute. Voice Dialogue is an aware ego process that facilitates awareness of internal parts and access to greater free will and choice.

100 Hours Completed of Voice Dialogue Training

April 2020 - April 2021

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