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February is about delving into the world of dreams. Together we will explore 4 main dream types (there are dreams types that are not just about reflecting your inner world), collective dream archetypes as well as do LIVE dream demos. In these demos you will have the opportunity to expand your self awareness as it relates to what your subconscious is communicating to you. All participants who would like to be considered for a demo are asked to bring a dream with them (this can be a recurring or a stand alone dream). We will utilize parts work for understanding your dream in ways only possible with this direct experiential exercise. With the assistance of the group you will also be given outside perspectives which can help to increase awareness. Dream work is sacred work so I am designing this space with that intention in mind. To walk into another person's dream is an extremely intimate process and for that reason it must be treated with the utmost reverence.

This is for you if:

You’d like to learn parts work for understanding your inner world through dreams

You’d like to learn more about dreams and the different types

You want to strengthen your capacity for lucid dreaming or dream walking


You want to learn about collective dream archetypes  


You'd like to be supported in a dream work process or see it done LIVE

February 2022 Online Workshop: Awakening to Yourself Through Dreams

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