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Shame while healthy in certain contexts can become chronic when it becomes the way your system learns to modulate itself. If you are someone who sometimes feels paralyzed by shame, or suffers with self hate, low self worth, powerlessness or fear of what others think of you then this is for you. In this workshop we will get to the root of each person's shame and low self worth. We will locate where this has been trapped in your body and in time for system recalibration. You will also be guided directly back to your true core for stabilization of self.


This is for you if:

You want to feel confident in yourself and the way you show up in the world 

You want to be more authentic without worrying what people think of you 

You want tools for unbinding shame from the whole of you 

You want to improve the relationship with yourself

You've struggled with self harming behaviors and desire greater stability

You want to better understand shame, low self worth or self hate 

You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself and others like you in a safe container

November 2021 Online Workshop: Unbinding from Shame & Worthlessness

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