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This is a bundle of 2 classes which contains 5 hours of lecture, demos and authentic relating games and exercises.


Stop People Pleasing PART 1


Do you struggle to...Say NO, trust yourself, take care of your needs and prioritize yourself properly, assert yourself in a healthy way in conflict or when establishing boundaries?


People pleasing is an adaptation designed to meet one's own needs indirectly when it is believed that direct attempts to do so will be dangerous, impossible or ineffective. 


It’s a survival strategy. People pleasing is an attempt at relational security. It is also the result of relational and often developmental trauma and social conditioning. Like most things, it’s best treated integratively - mind, body, soul


“The irony in people pleasing is that it is a self fulfiling prophesy. The very mechanism that tries to keep you “safe”  aka “connected” and “good” ends up making you  very unsafe and alone.” - Rowan Garlow


Emotions and behaviors you may struggle with...Shame, Resentment, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Despair, Desperation, Rumination, Perfectionism, Self hate, Powerlessness, Avoidance, Unworthiness, Control and Manipulation of Self and Others, a Lack of a Sense of Self or Boundaries


This Workshop will help you to sustainably increase your...JOY, sense of belonging, opportunities for healthier relationships, feelings of safety, decision making and communication skills, authenticity and ownership of your full body instrument. 


*You must be willing to apply the information and tools consistantly for sustainable change


Major Topics Covered 


How do I heal this from an integrated place, including my mind, body and soul?


How do I stop people pleasing?


What is valid and necessary about the people pleaser in its right dosage? 


Direct experiential with re-connecting you to the opposite of the people pleaser


What is valid and necessary about the people pleaser in its right dosage? 


What steps and key things do I need to commit myself to in order to live an authentic, full and deeply connected existence. 


Real time exercises as a group which will allow you to practice this authentic expression and embodiment with others + One person is chosen for a 1:1 demo


Stop People Pleasing Workshop PART 2 ​


All experiential play and authentic relating! ​


Purely experiential workshop for healthy and authentic relating. This means there is no lecture, only sharing the necessary details for participation in various games and exercises which are designed to facilitate co-regulation, titration (little bits at at time while challenging ourselves) and authentic relating.


Other skills we will be developing are the cultivation of safety, communicating boundaries, resolving conflict, parts work, nervous system regulation, radical honesty and community healing. We will connect to others through revealing aspects of our inner world. This workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions as they relate to people pleasing, as you will receive 1:1 support with specific challenges and an opportunity to volunteer, demonstrate, play, practice owning yourself and co-regulating with others.


Some of the exercises we did at the end of Part 1 will be revisited in greater depth, others are completely new!


Authentic Relating Games Played:

P.I.E.S (Check in & Express)

Noticing Game (Check in & Express) Pt. 1 

Yes/No Exercise (Boundaries)

Mirror of Perception (Mirroring)

Split Brain (Group Parts Work)

"Higher Self" Game (Self Trust & Wisdom)

Next… (The Missing Phrase)

September 2023 Online Workshop: Stop People Pleasing PARTS 1 & 2

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