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July 31st 2021

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Collapsing Our Conditioned Suffering

July is about collapsing our conditioned suffering. It doesn't take much to suffer here on this planet. Most experience pain and disconnection with little tools or resources for properly resolving said pain, which is a recipe for chronic suffering. No one consciously wants to be in pain or suffer and yet so many people feel helpless to get out of their own cycles of it. We did not come here to suffer indefinitely, we came to restore the organic blueprint for life from within our own being. This is for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum of suffering because we all need tools for clearing our blind spots. We will deeply examine what internal and external structures within ourselves and our lives are keeping us trapped in negative core patterns and beliefs. We will examine negative core beliefs and break them down. We will also identify stuck points in the emotional, mental or energy body as well as emotional payoffs for maintaining our old structures. My intention is that everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and gain exit strategies for negative ego programs and behaviors. We are all being given an opportunity to regain greater levels of peace, safety, integrity, sovereignty and stability, which is the result of greater internal coherence. This internal coherence we are creating will anchor us into the lives we are creating. This is part of the journey of walking back home to embody the Source from which we came.

June 27th 2021

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Healing The Mother Wound

June is about healing the mother wound. The holy mother/the true mother has been reversed for the main streams consumption. This war on the mother requires us to understand what these reversals look like and how to heal the original woundings from within. The mother is the fierce protector of innocence in her power, but so many of us have been grappling with dark mother reversals in our bodies. We will discuss what these reversals look like, how to identify the organic mother, how to resurrect the mother from within, and how to heal the wounding from our own mothers, and family lines.


May 30th 2021

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Mental Recess: Practical Embodiment

May is about practical embodiment. Most people spend the majority of their day in their mental body and the physical body becomes an afterthought. We attempt to drop into the body instead of coming from the body. The collective nervous system is often overloaded as we try and cram so much into a single day. The body is the template from which all else is birthed. This is an opportunity to strengthen the body connection through Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work. You will be taught several breath work practices, be guided through a yoga flow and a meditation. If your body practices have fallen away or you're simply wanting a structure to show up in, this is for you. Take this time to honor your body, center your mind, and get back into the dedication of daily practice.

April 27th 2021

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Assimilation to Organic Intelligence

April is about assimilation to organic intelligence, meaning assimilation to life giving pursuits instead of life taking. We are in a galactic and spiritual war between organic intelligence and artificial intelligence. AI is part of the phantom ascension timelines being hosted. It is a diversion tactic to true healing, sovereignty and gnosis. As the bifurcation takes place many are wanting to pull their consciousness out of artificial intelligence. There is a desire to live and be in alignment with free will, natural law, and the true law of one. This workshop is designed to assist you in detaching from AI, trauma based mind control, programming, and implants. Through a holistic lens we will see each person’s entry points of power for healing, deprogramming, and creating.


March 28th 2021

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Healing the Father Wound

March is about healing the father wound. This is for both men and women, as everyone across the board has been negatively affected by the masculine wounding in some way. This wounding changes the internal relationship to masculine and feminine, and causes a host of emotional, behavioral, physical, spiritual, and psychological symptoms. The father wounding impacts both the feminine and masculine aspects of a person. This workshop is designed to illuminate the role of a father, the collective and individual wounding around disconnection from the true divine masculine. This is for you if you have struggled with an absent father, an emotionally unavailable father, abandonment, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by men, and/or difficulty in relationships with men. The intention is to provide a space for a deep dive into healing this wound and its impact at the root level.

February 27th, 2021

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Identify & Resolve False Sexuality Programs

February is about identification and resolution of false sexuality programs. This workshop is designed to help you to reclaim and restore healthy sexuality free of sexual misery and siphoning programs. To discover what true sacred sexuality is as well as the ways in which it has been corrupted and inverted. This is for either partnered or single people, because restoring sacred sexual union is first, an inside job. I will invite each of us to examine where our own sexual energy has been siphoned, and demonstrate how to unhook these cords. In addition to that, we will explore distorted "sex magic" and the ways in which unhealthy sexuality is represented in the collective. Begin the journey of the true sacred union.


January 31st 2021

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Dissolve Your External Authorities

To be sovereign is to govern yourself from within. This is for those who are ready to let go of externalizing their power and want to step fully into being their own authority. You will be guided towards where your external authorities are, and how to dissolve them. An opportunity to journey deep into reclamation of yourself on all levels. Practical tools for reading the external and embodying your highest truth. Purge programs and resolve traumas that keep you from the fully embodying your truth.

November 30th 2020

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Bonding Patterns and Relationships

November is healing through shifting your bonding patterns. We get into bonding patterns with all kinds of people, our family, partners, friends and acquaintances. These patterns are developed very early in life. Understanding what happens when we are in a Positive and Negative bonding pattern shifts where we put our attention, energy and focus in conflict and care-taking with others and ourselves.


October 31st 2020

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Healing with Your Herpes Virus

October is specifically for those with Herpes Simplex Virus diagnosis. This could be HSV1 or HSV2.  We will work to uncover the emotional origins of the virus for you, and identify and address emotional and relationship patterns linked to the virus. There will be an opportunity to process specific events or emotions that have come up for you as a result of having herpes, while getting to the root of the issue. The group dynamic allows you ask questions only other people with herpes would know or understand. This workshop is designed with the intention to move towards integration with herpes, and to have an improved relationship with your herpes, inviting each person to uncover some of the hidden gifts in having herpes. 


September 30th 2020

Release Resistance to Relationships

Release Resistance to Relationships

September is healing through uncovering each persons unique resistance to relationships. We have to ask ourselves how it is that with billions of people on the planet, people are lonely, alone, isolated, avoidant, fearful of relationships, fearful of people, & fearful of being hurt. We actively resist relationships on many levels, and together we will uncover just how and why you are resisting relationships and connection. This external resistance of relationships is often a reflection of our early childhood patterning, and thus also a reflection of our resistance to being in relationship with ourselves.


August 31st 2020


Embodiment & N.S Regulation

August is healing through becoming more deeply embodied and regulated. Our Nervous Systems are constantly being inundated with stimulus, so much so that it can be challenging to integrate what is happening around us. For many of us, being in our bodies was not safe, and so we had portions of ourself that left our body. A deeply integrated mind-body connection is crucial to our empowerment & capacity to carry out a consciously created life.

July 31st 2020


Re-Parenting Your Inner Child

July is healing through becoming conscious of your adopted inner parenting style. Your inner parenting style is the same as the parenting style each of your primary caregivers used with you. Once aware of the way you parent your inner children, we will look at resolving the vulnerability underneath said parenting style, and develop tools for heathy internal parenting. Learn how to connect more deeply to your inner children for greater internal self trust, security, peace and resiliency.


June 30th 2020


Transforming The Inner Critic

June is healing through uncovering your inner critics, working with the 7 types of inner critics, we meet these self-judging protectors, uncover their origins for you personally, discover their needs, and introduce alternative energies to assist your inner critics. The intention is to build skills in identifying archetypes, and resolving unhealthy patterns between internal parts. This is so you can "do" from an integrated space, meaning without the voice that says "it's never enough", and "be" when you want to "be".

May 31st 2020


Getting to The Core

May is Healing through uncovering your core needs, unconscious beliefs, values, and unconscious commitments. The intention is to uncover these truths and then move towards greater integration between how we are unconsciously creating our lives, and how we would like to consciously be, live, or create. Closing the gap.


What Can I Expect at a Workshop?

All Workshops are Held on a Zoom Video Call

LIVE Demos

Be chosen for live processing. This can be a great way to try out the different methods of processing, work on a specific issue, and be supported in your healing.

Themed Teachings

Each month focuses on a specific theme within trauma recovery, personal development and healing.

Small Group Support

Connect and learn from other like minded people, be held in your process, and co-create healing with the focus of a small, supportive, and safe group.

Q & A

Opportunity for clarity on personal questions or issues you are dealing with.