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This offering is designed to assist you in initiating your most upgraded energy body mechanics. A vital first step in anchoring your original founder consciousness during the time of the great shift.

This workshop is for you if you've struggled to confidently express all of who and what you authentically are in all moments. If you find yourself fearing rejection, people pleasing, doubting yourself or shrinking under the weight of your conditioning. Discover your true belonging outside of what you have ever been taught.

  • Reclaim yourself as the creator of your experience

  • Dismantle your reactivity to unchecked conditioning and social cues

  • Transform yourself from being externally commanded to internally directed

  • Revitalize your sovereign power and elevate your emotional vibration

  • Purge the lies you once swallowed as truth and resurrect your original template

  • Shift your energetics from survival to thrival

  • All participants receive a PDF worksheet

May 2022 Online Workshop: Unapologetically You!

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