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Many of us have become aware of, or are now discovering our roles in the war on consciousness that we have been in for quite some time. As things continue to ramp up globally we have been stepping up and taking a stand for the world we wish to see. This world is one that is seeded in truth, transparency, love, fully functioning organic mechanics, perpetual life and balanced harmonics. And yet, many of us have been facing our own personal Megiddo battle, the battle to resurrect all that we wish to see externally reflected from within. Within this battle we often see our warriors, guardians and conscious creators emerge. These aspects of self are what assist us in forging through the fire of purification. Here’s the thing though, many have hit an impasse where one, two or all three of these elements (true warriorship, guardianship & organic creatorship) have either been distorted, stuck or underdeveloped in some way. This workshop is designed to flesh out these distortions and stuck points, and then to synchronize these three elements to work in harmony. From this place we restore our organic design to create, protect and be free from traps existing in the mutation of and between these energies. Since there are many subtopics that can be housed under the umbrella of creatrix and warriorship we may touch into areas such as sexuality, life purpose, dark arts training and dreams.


You're ready to strip away mutated elements of the guardian, warrior and creatrix archetypes 

You feel called to step more deeply into your life purpose

You feel stuck when it comes to creating

You've begun direct initiation into dark arts training

You feel pushed, pulled or trapped by external circumstances 

You'd like guidance on polarity integration

You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself and others like you in a safe container

September 2021 Online Workshop: Synthesizing the Guardian, Warrior and Creatrix

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