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3 Months (Biweekly) - $350/mo

Sessions Every Other Week for 12 Weeks

  • 1 h
  • Online Zoom Meeting

Service Description

(2) 60 minute Sessions a Month (6 Total) Rowan Garlow will utilize some combination of Soul Retrieval, Parts Work (Voice Dialogue), Nervous System Work (Somatic Experiencing), Psychic Sight/Information, Mirroring, Mapping Energetics and Patterns (Strengths and Areas of Collapse or Over-Compensation), Connecting to God/Source during sessions and Energetic Clearings. The main orientation of Rowan's work is Trauma Recovery and Rehabilitation as well as assisting others in the process of spiritual initiation and evolution. Rowan is merely a conduit for God/Source, natural law and the mechanics of healing she practices. Rowan is re-connecting you to your natural ability to heal through remembrance, co-regulation and skillful intervention. Each being is unique and so each session will be different depending on where you are at in your journey and what you're needing in the moment. Possible Areas of Focus: Restore Nervous System Resiliency​ through Somatic Experiencing Resolving PTSD/CPTSD Repair Fragmentation & Restoration of Conscious Expression of Multi-dimensionality Inner Alchemy/Polarity Integration Parts Work - Voice Dialogue​ Heal Relational Trauma/Core Wounds/Trigger Soul Retrieval - The Completion Process Re-parenting/Inner Child/Timeline Work Shifting out of Unconscious Automatic Conditioning and Patterns Shift Major Negative Beliefs and Patterns of Behavior ​ Grounded and Practical Approach to Dealing with Internal Resistance Confidence in Self Expression, Self Esteem & Boundaries Mastering Relationships & Healthy Attachment Cultivation of the Aware Ego - Presence & "The Medicine" Mastering Own Consciousness - Know Yourself Restore Your Original Blueprint & Connection to God/Source)​​ Stabilize & Orient to Your Highest Calling and Timeline Navigating Major Transitions in Relationships, Career/Purpose or New Chapter in Life Inter-Generational/Ancestral Trauma and Miasmatic Clearings Couples Counsel and Mediation Dream Work Hieros Gamos (Father - Mother - Child Integration) - Inner Union Template By booking this appointment you agree to the following terms and conditions: • I am responsible for showing up on time and prepared to my session. • If I am late, I forfeit the time lost by being late. • Rowan Garlow is not available for messaging between sessions, unless it is brief and related to the session work or an emergency. • There are no refunds on bookings.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us within 24 hours. Failure to show up to a scheduled meeting with no confirmed cancellation will result in a loss of the session investment cost and will require a new session to be booked.

Contact Details

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