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Soul Retrieval
& Inner Child Work

The need to retrieve aspects of the self and soul implies a loss. Trauma fragments the body, mind and soul like a river splitting off into smaller streams. Each time the being fragments in this way there is less vital life force energy available to the overall being. Inner child work and soul retrieval are ways of bringing these aspects of self which are looping in time back into the present moment to rejoin the being as a whole. There is an element of re-parenting as well as journeying through time and space to retrieve these aspects of self. The possibilities of this work are as unlimited as our consciousness. With the utilization of animal medicine and/or other supportive anchors in place you are guided towards difficult emotions as we use them like a rope to bring us back to the origins of these core wounds. From here you are guided towards emotional resolution, meeting needs and retrieving these aspects of self as well as closing timelines.


Completion Process Certified Practitioner

May 2018

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