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This workshop will be an interactive and experiential learning experience, designed to help you gain more insight into their own psychological, energetic, physiological, physical and emotional maps. The workshop will begin by discussing the concept of subtle mapping, including the various facets of our inner world, and the ways in which we can use it to resolve resistance and blockages to begin to harmonize our energy. We will take two participants and work directly with your current patterns. This will optimize your capacity to participate in the group exercises we will be doing. You will explore how our personal identities are constructed and how we can become more mindful of the way our consciousness is naturally moving and what that is telling us. We will focus on inner identification and dis-identification. Through this exploration, you will gain an understanding of how to move beyond the limiting beliefs and patterns that can keep you stuck in negative patterns of thinking and behavior. The next part of the workshop will cover integration and conscious positioning of one's awareness, focus, and perception lenses. Through a combination of experiential exercises and guided reflection, participants will gain an understanding of how to better manage their inner worlds and how to become an open system of energy, the tri-wave and all possibilities which extend from that position of consciousness. The final part of the workshop will involve an integration of what has been learned throughout the course. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on and apply the concepts learned throughout the workshop to their own lives. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the concept of conscious positioning of one's awareness, positional power, mapping subconscious patterns, inner identification and dis-identification, focus & perceptional lenses, open systems of energy and tri-wave consciousness.

December 2022 Online Workshop: Positional Awareness

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