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A deeply guided experience for quieting and training the mind. Learn to wield the mind instead of being held captive by it. This is for expanding and building positive architecture into the heart field.


28 Minute Deeply Guided Meditation


  • Command Your Mind
  • Pierce ThroughMental Looping
  • Flush Density Out of the Heart
  • Build 3 Frequency Bandwidths in the Heart


Outline of Audio File 

  • The 0 Point
  • Single Focused Attention
  • Light in the Center of Your Heart
  • Unburdening the Mind & Breaking Mental Cages
  • Wielding Your Inner Observer
  • The Present Moment
  • Heart Connection
  • Layering in 3 Harmonic Bandwidths of the Heart
  • Calling Upon Gaurdians & Higher Selves for Planetary and Personal Clearings
  • Clearing the Heart of Density 
  • Running Hydroplasmic Light
  • Sealing all 3 Layers into the Heart
  • The Orchestra of the Heart & Blood/Water Vortexing 
  • DNA & Consciousness Restructuring
  • Spark of the heart igniting all 3 layers
  • Zooming back Out

Stop Mental Chaos & Build a Harmonic Heart (28 mins.)

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