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The Return of the Mother Arc, Father Arc and the Wise Child Transmission, Clearing, Rehabilitation and Energetic Upgrade (2 Hours) This is for all beings on the path. This is a clearing, transmission, rehabilitation and energetic upgrade. We are going to seal up after the clearing and come into resonance with the mother, father and wise child frequencies available to us. Please understand I will be calling up the true forces of Christ and our guardians for support in the massive soul retrieval and clearing we are going to be doing. This is divided up into 2 main parts - the clearing and then the transmissions which are energetic upgrades. It is very clear that the essence of the true mother, the architecture of the true father and the heart of the wise child are returning. The return of this frequency is only possible through the liberation and resurrection of all energy which is being mis-directed or collapsed. We are coming together to anchor this into the inner and outer grids. This is a grid work mission and must resonate with you on some level. The frequency of this workshop is that of the flame bearers (this is passing of a very specific torch) and the rainbow bridge builders. I have carefully crafted this to be coded with Christ essence, we will masterfully and artfully clear any reversals and then update with balanced harmonics. Clearing Themes: The Witch Wound, Targeting of the Christos Bloodlines and Unions, Rape/Breeding, Trafficking, SRA Grids, Astral Torture/Torture & Sexual Misery Timelines, Sisterhood/Brotherhood Wounding, Reversed Gender Polarities, Collapsed Feminine/Masculine Architecture, Slavery & War Timelines (murder and death), Emotional Castration, Genital Mutilation, Exile, Wounding around the False King of Tyranny, Succubus and Dark Mother, Reptilian, Draco and Annunaki Hybridization Programs, Loss of Innocence, Fear of Loss & Intimacy - Core Soul Fragmentation (Powerlessness, Resentment, Fear, Anger, Helplessness, Splitting, Limiting Beliefs and Projections from Wounding), Major Trigger Events in This Lifetime - Inter-Generational & Ancestral - Galactic & Astral Transmission Themes: The mechanics of natural law and the laws which govern this time-space reality The 3 major components to “Waves of Initiation” Learning the art of timing and attunement - The biggest barrier to creating healthy relationships (Where the teaching of the Grand Tapestry meets the art of attunement). “Rainbow Bridges” & Flame Bearers (The ones who build bridges & ignite remembrance) Anchoring the Father Arc Anchoring the Mother Arc Anchoring the Wise Child Arc

February 2023 Online Workshop: The Return of The Father/Mother/Child

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