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Becoming a Lake MasterClass

"Expand your Capacity & Resiliency for Distress"


Teachings and training for full spectrum embodiment. Expand your window of tolerance for distressing and negative experiences. Learn how to integrate past negative experiences so they are not tangled up with the now. And how to deal with real time triggers. We will explore the practical transformation of moving from from finite to infinite capacity. Moving from being a glass to becoming a lake. In this process we are better able to contain the pain of life. The pain of life is like a handful of salt, it is the same amount of salt, but the container we put it in dramatically changes how bitter it tastes. Or our experience of that "salt" - pain. **Though it is not the explicit goal of this work to completely absolve yourself of all triggers (that goal can be counterproductive to unconditional love we are cultivating internally), when the container expands and the past experiences of our pain are uncoupled from the present, something very new and MAGICAL happens. The way we relate to ourselves and the world begins to change for the better very dramatically. 


Themes of Class:

Nervous system regulation

Building safety, resources & anchors for resiliency 

Expanding window of tolerance for distress without PTSD or re-traumatization

Triggers and containment - the glass vs. the lake 

Pain vs. Suffering

Reactions vs. Actions - The Gap 

Utilizing the mythology & alchemical wisdom of the lady of the lake (her archetype, sword, breast plate etc)

De-polarizing personal triggers and traumas

Further integrating light and shadow work from "Fragmentation Repair" MasterClass

Expansion of capacity for the full spectrum of emotions, thoughts and experiences

0 point mechanics

Increasing access to higher states of being

Cultivating full system coherence 





Group and individual demos on volunteers are done for practical application of the teaching material 


Q & A 

June 2023 Online MasterClass: "Becoming a Lake"

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