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December is healing through clearing poverty consciousness and contracts. As we are entering through this December portal we are being called to clear slavery and poverty from the being at a DNA level. Scarcity is something that has been programmed into most people. The programmed role is to be an obedient "cog in the machine".  There are many cords tying into this scarcity consciousness such as self worth, connection/relationships, money, resources etc. We will examine major emotional, mental, physical and energetic blockages to abundance and wealth. Slavery programming must be cleared in order for us from reclaim resources, true wealth and to embody our original blueprints. This workshop is not about "manifesting". We are going much deeper than that.   

This is for you if:


✨ You feel like you have to give a lot of yourself to feel worthy to receive 


✨ You struggle with scarcity and see it coming up in multiple areas of your life


✨ You see yourself as someone who is here to reclaim wealth for the good of all


✨ You'd like to see and resolve your major blockages to abundance 


✨ You're ready to clear that which is in the way of your connection to Source/God


✨ You want to resurrect your original wealth codes 


✨ You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself and others like you in a safe container

December 2021 Online Workshop: Clearing Poverty Consciousness & Contracts

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