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June is about healing the mother wound. The holy mother/the true mother has been reversed for the main streams consumption. This war on the mother requires us to understand what these reversals look like and how to heal the original woundings from within. The mother is the fierce protector of innocence in her power, but so many of us have been grappling with dark mother reversals in our bodies. We will discuss what these reversals look like, how to identify the organic mother, how to resurrect the mother from within, and how to heal the wounding from our own mothers, and family lines.


This is for you if:

You want to heal your inner mother/feminine 

You want to feel more deeply connected to a sense of flow, nurturing, and fierce protection

You want tools for healing intergenerational and interdimensional trauma 

You are looking understand the feminine reversal programs

You are ready to step up for yourself and others 

You’re curious about resurrecting and communing with the true mother from within

You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself and others in a safe container

June 2021 Online Workshop: Healing the Mother Wound

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