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The Medical and Mental Health Industrial Complex

Mental Health Propaganda and the Pendulum Swing

by Rowan Garlow

Historically speaking, the western allopathic medical model, which can be referred to more appropriately as the medical industrial complex, has caused irreversible damage to people seeking treatment for various ailments and disorders. This is because the medical industrial complex is a profit-seeking machine which serves fiscal interests above human rights. Additionally, this machine has created an education system which churns out medical professionals who are indoctrinated, rather than educated, into a system that is bought and sold by the same elite parties of society who wish to churn out the slave underclass/slave owner elite ruling class matrix system.

Many who enter the medical and psychological fields find themselves disillusioned by the ugly truth of the Medical Industrial Complex being an elaborate grift. We've seen just how many have left over the last 3 years to join alternative movements, providing critical analysis and truth. These medical professionals report feeling as though they couldn't actually help their patients the way they wanted to. They felt like things were backwards and largely incomplete.

The medical industrial complex invests billions of dollars into programming and shaping the general public’s perception of health through the media, the public education sector, propaganda in workplace via “safety training”(not all of it is bad, but in recent times it has been agendized), non profit organizations, etc.

Those who profit off the medical industrial complex also have their hand in a number of seemingly conflicting areas. For example, “processed food companies contribute ELEVEN times more money to nutritional research in the United States than the NIH (National Institute of Health)".

Their direct marketing strategy is to conduct, publish, and circulate thousands of studies to complicate and muddy the waters of ACTUAL useful health-based research. We see this in the newest food pyramid, which was released recently, and states that processed cereal products like Frosted Mini Wheats, Cheerios and Lucky Charms are healthier than unprocessed natural foods like steak or eggs. We all know the price war being waged on eggs right now, and sadly, this is only the beginning. There have been targeted attacks on our food and water systems to destroy small and rural farms, put limits on what they can produce and increase dependence on companies like Monsanto and others which profit off of producing poisonous foods and products.

As was stated previously, these corporations and institutions contribute billions to studies and marketing which serve their profiteering and soul sucking agenda. If you fund it, you can control the results of that "Scientific" experiment. But hey, you're supposed to blindly trust what your doctor, who is paid by the pharmaceutical companies to use you as a guinea pig, says, right? You're supposed to trust that anyone using the word "scientific" or "science" has the complete picture and that there is some form of ethics to studies done "scientifically”. It is extremely difficult to get funding, as a researcher, for anything that would directly go against the Medical Industrial Complex and their death cult systems that they have set up to profit off of sick and dying people. In fact, people have been murdered, stolen from and silenced for bringing about solutions that could solve serious world crisis we face.

Do you get it yet? You were born into a death cult society controlled by beings who actually hate you because they hate God. They are psychotic and we have been under their spell, and thus suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, lapping this abuse up, like a kitten to a saucer full of cream.

Lets now take a look at the mental health industry. We have a massive pendulum swing happening. People have caught on to alternative forms of self help, trauma healing and personal development, and it is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Yes, There are massive revolutions happening on the these fronts and I see people accessing ACTUAL healing for the first time in their lives. There are so many gifted and incredible beings who are assisting our brothers and sisters. There is very real and profoundly deep healing taking place right now.

With all that being said, we have a ways to go. The average person’s perception of mental health is still very much clouded by the haze of the pharmaceutical industry’s propaganda. They are outsourcing their God given right to health to someone performing archaic, and at times, physically and psychologically damaging or deadly experiments. If the last 3 years have taught us anything, hopefully it’s how corrupt these systems are. I want to say, I understand there are people who have become medication dependent, or who actually need certain medications or they will die. I also understand, however, there are billions of people living with conditions that are completely reversible if they took their health into their hands and put in some effort on the holistic path.

I want you to ask yourself, “What does a diagnosis really tell me about the root cause of a disease or disorder?”

When are we going to stop throwing away our power? Every time problems arise and we perceive them through the Medical Industry’s allopathic medical lens we are also accepting their solution. When do we decide that their solution doesn’t work and we must find our own?

We have to be careful to notice, and not overcompensate, when the pendulum swing happens. When a truth has been denied for so long and then it gets accepted, there is always a phase of overcompensation, and a different set of problems can arise when that happens if we are not careful. For example, popular culture finally accepted mental health issues as an acceptable thing to talk about, but now its a frenzy out there! There is so much virtue signaling and identity politics getting wrapped up in mental health diagnosis. I must say, I am just as happy as anyone else we are talking about these things. This is after all, the foundation of my life’s work, but I know from first hand experience how a diagnosis can do to a person.

People can use their diagnosis as a way of oversimplifying things, dismiss others good advice, excuse ones own poor behavior, explaining away ones rationalization with the disordered lens, instead of taking responsibility to resolve the underlying root cause. It can get us to normalize and remain stuck in pathologies we actually have the capacity to alchemize and transcend.

It is one thing to acknowledge the fallout of healing from a profoundly sick society, but it is another to cling to a label without any context of what’s going on around you and what exactly you are being used for. If you know that the mental health and medical industrial complex are profit seeking machines that care about profit, and not human health (They directly oppose human health because you can do very little profiting off of healthy people who need very little), then why would you just believe them when they tell you who you are, whats wrong with you, and how to fix it? There are a billion and one ways to categorize dis-harmony. This is what we call "diagnosis". A diagnosis is nothing more than naming symptoms of dis-harmony. If you are interested in reverse engineering these symptoms to discover their actual root, you are required to have the capacity to see a human being for what they are, multi-dimensional.

This is a call to every Man and Woman to plant your gardens, protect your children, gather as one, share your skills, build alliances, stay connected to your food and water sources, take care of your body, take care of this earth, live a life of purpose on purpose, pray, heal your traumas, give love, be love, be generous, dance, and come home to simple health practices, life affirming practices.

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