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About Rowan Garlow

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Trauma Recovery Practitioner

I was born and grew up in Portage/Kalamazoo Michigan. I was clairvoyant as a child and had many experiences with the non-physical growing up. I believe this is an inherent gift and it assists me in the work with others. My family history is quite long and involves a lot of divorces and marriages as well as numerous step-siblings who came in and out of my life growing up. I started to have emotional and psychological issues that were apparent around 12-13 as a result of unidentified and unprocessed trauma. I went 23 years before I realized that I had developmental trauma and CPTSD. I just thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me for how I felt and behaved. I had been suicidal and dealing with PTSD symptoms for years and it wasn't until I sought treatment in 2017 that I began to understand how what had happened in my life affected me. Upon seeking intensive therapy and treatment (by the grace of God), I was given a scholarship into program. It was here that my healing journey and interest in trauma healing began taking shape. I later spent 2 years in the sex industry trying to save money, while working with people 1:1 and attending trauma recovery trainings. The irony of that sentence is not lost on me. I had a foot in two very different worlds and knew that my growth depended on me leaving. I have been shown through my direct experience the energetic, spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological mechanics of trauma and healing. I am continuously learning as this is what I have dedicated my life to, both personally and in the work I do with others.   



To assist in the rehabilitation of human resiliency, connection, safety, sovereignty, creativity and love through healing trauma and breeches to wholeness.

I am here to remember and embody my original blueprint and assist others in doing the same.



I see the bigger picture that is social conditioning and engineering, the traps, the matrices, reversals and slavery of human beings. I am on a path to free myself and embody, live and create the very energy I wish to see in the world. I have a big vision for bringing healing to people on all levels through community. We are only at the beginning of what we are capable of as human beings who see we are able to set ourselves free.

This conversation needs to be in the room because it is what we are breaking free from as individuals and collectives. Many are now choosing to create consciously. We are building and embodying structures that reflect connection, wholeness, integrity, love and symbiosis. To do this we bear witness to and guide the exit, completion or reintegration of the old structures which store and produce fear, hate, betrayal, numbness, rage, grief, sadness, disrespect, disconnection, fragmentation and violence in the layers of our bodies. There is no escaping, we are meant to bring ourselves back into these bodies in this moment, it's where our true power is. Wherever we have truth, awareness and power, we have agency to create change. 



Western Michigan University

Bachelors in Anthropology, Spanish & Minor in Holistic Health

The Completion Process

Certified Completion Process Practitioner

Inner Child Soul Retrieval Training

Yoga Union PDX

200 Hour RYT

Street Yoga

14 Hours of Trauma informed Yoga Training

The Voice Dialogue Institute

100 Hours of Voice Dialogue Training

Somatic Experiencing International

Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

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