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July is about collapsing our conditioned suffering. It doesn't take much to suffer here on this planet. Most experience pain and disconnection with little tools or resources for properly resolving said pain, which is a recipe for chronic suffering. No one consciously wants to be in pain or suffer and yet so many people feel helpless to get out of their own cycles of it. We did not come here to suffer indefinitely, we came to restore the organic blueprint for life from within our own being. This is for you no matter where you fall on the spectrum of suffering because we all need tools for clearing our blind spots. We will deeply examine what internal and external structures within ourselves and our lives are keeping us trapped in negative core patterns and beliefs. We will examine negative core beliefs and break them down. We will also identify stuck points in the emotional, mental or energy body as well as emotional payoffs for maintaining our old structures. My intention is that everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and gain exit strategies for negative ego programs and behaviors. We are all being given an opportunity to regain greater levels of peace, safety, integrity, sovereignty and stability, which is the result of greater internal coherence. This internal coherence we are creating will anchor us into the lives we are creating. This is part of the journey of walking back home to embody the Source from which we came.


This is for you if:

You want to examine & dissolve negative core beliefs that keep you imprisoned 


You want to feel forward movement in your life

You want tools for healing personal, intergenerational and interdimensional trauma 

You are looking to better understand your pain body so you can clear negative ego programs

You struggle with feeling reactionary to situations and desire greater sovereignty and freedom

You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself and others in a safe container

July 2021 Online Workshop: Collapsing Our Conditioned Suffering

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