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1:1 Private Mentorship

All approved applications will automatically be placed on the current waitlist.You will be contacted as soon as a slot opens up. Please do not fill out an application if you do not want to be placed on the waitlist.

All new clients must apply for private mentorship. Applications are approved within 12-36 hours. Application will take 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Please be thorough in your answers. This is to save us both time. Your intake provides Rowan with a reference for your history and means you can start deeper work together generally by the second call. If you want to ensure it is
 a good fit, please book a 20 minute free discovery call AFTER applying.

What else do I need to know?

Rowan Garlow will utilize some combination of Soul Retrieval, Parts Work (Voice Dialogue), Nervous System Work (Somatic Experiencing), Psychic Sight/Information, Mirroring, Mapping Energetics and Patterns (Strengths and Areas of Collapse or Over-Compensation), Connecting to God/Source during sessions and Energetic Clearings. The main orientation of Rowan's work is Trauma Recovery and Rehabilitation as well as assisting others in the process of spiritual initiation and evolution.  Rowan is merely a conduit for God/Source, natural law and the mechanics of healing she practices. Rowan is re-connecting you to your natural ability to heal through remembrance, co-regulation and skillful intervention. 


Each being is unique and so each session will be different depending on where you are at in your journey and what you're needing in the moment. 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes

  • Containers Booked will Receive a Direct E-mail from Rowan Garlow confirming the Appointment

  • Zoom link for all sessions with be the same link - save the first email with the session zoom link

  • All future sessions after the first will be set up verbally

  • Cancellations/Rescheduling must be done within 24 hours of the booked appointment time otherwise the session is forfeited

  • *No Refunds Offered on Booked Sessions

  • *Please Read All Session Terms & Policies Prior to Booking

Why longer therapeutic containers are the way to go

  • Consistent Support 

  • Commitment to Deep Healing & Rehabilitation

  • Healing Requires Time & This Allows You to Make Tangible Progress

  • Time Between Sessions for Integration

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