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March is about identifying and clearing the effects of the predator/prey imprints on the physical body, mind, emotion and spirit. There can not be a predator without prey. The lecture portion of this workshop will cover the ways in which we have been impacted by these imprints on all levels. I will clearly outline how to identify and clear these from the whole being in a straightforward and practical way. This is not a magic pill but a manual for rehabilitating the wounded prey back into a sovereign being and clearing predatory structures from within. The lecture will be followed by a demo with a participant where we will identify and clear an element of this in real time. The goal is to assist us in integrating innocence, precision, nervous system resiliency, guardian and warrior templates as well as demonstrating the exalted forms of these energies. You will expand your capacity to move from stillness and deep awareness.

This is for you if:

You want to be able to identify and clear where you are holding predator/prey imprinting

You have been victimized and/or been a victimizer

You want to learn through a holistic lens where this imprint comes from

You have struggled with PTSD or CPTSD and feeling stuck in fight/flight/freeze or fawn

You are on the path of embodying your truest nature (your original template)

You want to increase your capacity for adaptability and resilience


You'd like to be supported in a process or see it done LIVE as it relates to this topic

March 2022 Online Workshop: Dismantling Predator/Prey Imprints

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