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This package has 8 meditations in total. All of the meditations are around 20 minutes each. The first 6 are guided journey meditations designed to guide you through your emotions, and bring you closer to yourself. Many people, unconsciously use tools like meditation to escape from or bypass their emotions. These first 6 meditations are designed to do exactly the opposite. I take special care to use language that invites a curiosity with the relationship to these painful emotions.  Positive emotions can be just as easily something we escape from or bypass, if it wasn’t safe to be happy or in a state of allowing. This is why I have also included meditations that help to re-pattern your system to positive emotions. It’s also why when we work with negative emotions, we are working with the natural flow of the emotion, so you don’t remain stuck there. The goal isn’t to get rid of the negative emotion, but to assist in the flow, or at least acceptance of it. The 2 bonus meditations, “Open to Receive” and “Healing with the 4 Elements” in this package are included to boost the healing energy and connection. “Open to Receive” is for the parts of you that give and give and give and need your cup filled. “Healing with the 4 Elements” is a journey through nature, the 4 directions, and elements for total being healing and clearing.

Listen to them individually based on how you are feeling, or listen to them in order for a deep alchemical process through the lowest of your emotional states, into a states of connection and receiving. These are great for when you are wanting support in looking to go towards how you feel, but either don’t have or want physical support in that moment. Essentially, half of the meditations are for when you are feeling a “negative” emotion and don’t know what to do or need guidance, and don’t want to abandon yourself. The other half are for when you already in a good feelings state and are looking to relish in happiness, just being, or strengthen your capacity to receive and connect.

8 Guided Healing Meditations (The Shadow Pack)

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