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Fragmentation Repair MasterClass 

"Captaining the Vessel"


Ending the Internal War 


Training for ending the war within. A straight forward practice and not so glamorous process for stabilizing more wholeness, self trust, free will/choice and genuine love and caretaking within your being.


The Micro  & Macro Cosm of Fragmentation Repair


  • Observer & Deep Listener

  • Mapping Automatic Patterns Operating on Outdated Manuals - Baseline & Resistance

  • Bridging a Pathway between Observer & Guide & All Fractured Aspects

  • Correcting Common Pitfalls & Stuck Points

  • Building in the Medicine and Corrected Architecture

  • Repairing Self Trust & Genuine Positive Motivation for Transformation Through Repetition of Previous 5 Stages

  • Becoming the Captain of the Vessel 

  • Light/Consciousness Accretion in the Body 

  • Initiation into Guardianship of Multiple Dimensional Bandwidths  


3D Childhood and Adult Trauma 

Intergenerational & Bloodline Trauma

Soul & Monad Level Integration - Learning to Sustain Holding Multiple Harmonic Bandwidths in the Body 




  • Creation & Expansion of the Aware Ego

  • Externalization of Power, Authority, Personal Truth

  • Inauthenticity & Disillusionment of illusions of self and others you’re upholding

  • Ego Death - Dissolution & Disillusion of programmed, inauthentic & survival strategies developed long ago 

  • Over-Estimating Embodiment

  • Observing Resistance & Coping Mechanisms

    • (by-product of no captain behind the wheel of the vessel - internal fracturing)

  • Authenticity & Individuation

    • “Picking up the baby” 

  • Relational Dynamics

    • Attachment Wounds, Fragmentation in Relationships & Shifting Automatic Social Group Conformity 

  • Self and Other

    • Mastering Healthy Interdependence 

May 2023 Online MasterClass: Fragmentation Repair

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