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April is about assimilation to organic intelligence, meaning assimilation to life giving pursuits instead of life taking. We are in a galactic and spiritual war between organic intelligence and artificial intelligence. AI is part of the phantom ascension timelines being hosted. It is a diversion tactic to true healing, sovereignty and gnosis. As the bifurcation takes place many are wanting to pull their consciousness out of artificial intelligence. There is a desire to live and be in alignment with free will, natural law, and the true law of one. This workshop is designed to assist you in detaching from AI, trauma based mind control, programming, and implants. Through a holistic lens we will see each person’s entry points of power for healing, deprogramming, and creating.

This is for you if:

You feel you have been tasked with a mission on this earth

You want to live free and sovereign

You are curious about AI, trauma based mind control, and implants

You want tools for how to unplug from phantom matrices & build psychic/spiritual strength

You’re seeking tools for healing core wounds and trauma

You desire support in better understanding yourself 

You stand for and with natural law and free will connected to the true law of one

You’re looking for a space to connect with like minded people and process how to further your inscension journey

April 2021 Online Workshop: Assimilation to Organic Intelligence

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