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May is about practical embodiment. Most people spend the majority of their day in their mental body and the physical body becomes an afterthought. We attempt to drop into the body instead of coming from the body. The collective nervous system is often overloaded as we try and cram so much into a single day. The body is the template from which all else is birthed. This is an opportunity to strengthen the body connection through Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work. You will be taught several breath work practices, be guided through a yoga flow and a meditation. If your body practices have fallen away or you're simply wanting a structure to show up in, this is for you. Take this time to honor your body, center your mind, and get back into the dedication of daily practice.


This is for you if:

You have struggled to feel safe & connected in your body or often feel ungrounded

You want to feel like you have more command over quieting your mind

You desire to unlock the wisdom contained within your body

You are looking to start a body based practice or re-dedicate yourself to one 

You are looking to establish healthier habits & need a kick start

You want practical tools for regulating and strengthening your nervous system

You’re curious about breath-work, yoga or meditation and strengthening these tools 

You’re looking for a space to connect with yourself in a safe container

May 2021 Online Workshop: Mental Recess: Practical Embodiment

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