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August is healing through becoming more deeply embodied and regulated. Our Nervous Systems are constantly being inundated with stimulus, so much so that it can be challenging to integrate what is happening around us. For many of us, being in our bodies was not safe, and so we had portions of ourself that left our body. A deeply integrated mind-body connection is crucial to our empowerment & capacity to carry out a consciously created life.


  • Embodiment Techniques for Clients and Pracitioners 
  • Trauma Recovery as it applies to the Nervous System
  • In Depth Teachings on The Nervous System
  • 2 Somatic Experiencing LIVE Demos 


This is for you if:

You want to explore your blockages to being embodied

You find yourself feeling spaced out or disconnected from your body

You want to know how to have a more regulated nervous system

You want to feel more energy, motivation and creativity

You’re looking for emotional regulation tools & support 

You want to create serious shifts in your life and well-being

You want a more consciously created life

August 2020 Online Workshop: Embodiment & Nervous System Regulation

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