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Healthy Relating


3 Options

$200 (single session)
$555 (3 pack)
$360 (2 sessions per month subscription)
$660 (4 sessions per month subscription)


4 Weeks


About the Course

You will be assisted in working with the core of your relationship dynamics with yourself and others. We will focus on areas that are particularly challenging for you such as: fear of intimacy, chronic anger, fear of abandonment, self worth, self esteem, boundaries, emotional and physiological regulation, prioritizing your needs and feeling disconnected. We work to resolve the relationships inside of you such as: the relationship you have with your body, mind, spirit, primary parts of your personality, disowned selves, etc.). We also look at establishing more secure bonding patterns and attachments so you feel free to be yourself and have others too. Rebuild and sharpen the connection to yourself and others through the power of mastering relationships. Relationships are foundational to our survival and thriving as humans. If it's been challenging for you to have relationships in the way you would like to, then this is for you.

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

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Camilla Jones
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