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July is healing through becoming conscious of your adopted inner parenting style. Your inner parenting style is the same as the parenting style each of your primary caregivers used with you. Once aware of the way you parent your inner children, we will look at resolving the vulnerability underneath said parenting style, and develop tools for heathy internal parenting. Learn how to connect more deeply to your inner children for greater internal self trust, security, peace and resiliency.


Re-Parenting Your Inner Child


  • Learn Inner Child Archetypes
  • Learn Your Internal Parenting Style
  • Why & How to Re-parent Yourself
  • Conscious Parenting Model


This is for you if:

You want to know how to connect to your inner children more deeply

You find yourself unconsciously regressing to a child-like state in certain situations

You want to know how to handle your negative emotions

You want to feel more playful, vibrant and child-like

You’re curious about how your own parents parenting styles affected your development 

You want to create serious shifts in your life and well-being

You want people in your life who are deeply connected to you

July 2020 Online Workshop: Re-Parenting Your Inner Child

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