My Story

“Here to create and participate in expansion,
as a fractal of universal consciousness.”


Rowan Garlow grew up like everyone else; socialized into an unconscious society. And like you, she had her fair share of childhood trauma. Given the current state of our society as a collective, it’s not possible to raise children without causing trauma. We’ve all been traumatized, it’s just to what degree.

        Rowan struggled emotionally and psychologically all through her teens. She had 3 moms and 3 dads, as well as 9 step siblings from those several marriages over the course of her life. There was abuse, abandonment, and dysfunction. She struggled with self harm and substance abuse while maintaining honors in school, she was suffering but didn’t understand it. She lost herself in relationships to escape reality, a reality she was so fucking confused about. By the time she was 23, what she had been drowning in, peaked. She came to a point where she was so low, and she didn’t see a way out of the pain. This was where her life depended on getting back in touch with herself. She dropped everything in her life to focus on understanding herself, and her relationship to other people. She entered group and individual therapy out of desperation to exit the hell she was living in. This was not her first experience with therapy. However, this time was a little different. She was introduced to inner child work through a very special psychologist. Simultaneously, getting a serious practical education in psychology through her group therapy. It took her a while to understand the work they were doing. She has been working ever since to understand and integrate her experiences more deeply. She is on a forever journey to understand herself, you and this universe more wholly in every moment. Not that those three things are really any different. Wink Wink.

If you would like to know more about her story, you can watch “My Life Story” on her YouTube Channel. 


Certifications & Experience

Bachelors in Anthropology and Spanish + Minor in Holistic Health

Western Michigan University 

December 2015

Reiki Practitioner

Trained by Darlene Sochin at Indigo Healings

March 2018

Certified Completion Process Practitioner

Trained by Teal Swan

May 2018

Volunteer for CPCP Training in Utah

Training held by Teal Swan & Team

April 2019

Trauma-Informed Yoga; 14 CEC’s

Street Yoga Alliance

April 2019

Volunteer for CPCP Training in Utah

Training held by Teal Swan & Team

August 2019

Volunteer for CurveBall Retreat in Utah

Retreat held by Teal Swan & Team

August 2019

QPR Suicide Prevention Course Completion

QPR Institute

November 2019

Somatic Experiencing Student

Currently Trained at Intermediate 2/3


Voice Dialogue Student

This certification program ends April 2021


200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga Union, Portland OR

November 2020


Ending Fragmentaton

“I am truly passionate about spreading this knowledge, so people become empowered in their lives and begin to trust themselves again. Most of us don’t trust ourselves, because we have spent our whole lives abandoning ourselves, and our pain. We do this in favor of wanting to escape it, in an attempt to feel better. But, we don’t end up feeling better, because it’s never going to feel good, having conditional presence for ourselves.”